The Lea Extreme Race

The Lea Extreme Race – Tasmania

The Lea Extreme Race is Australia’s premiere extreme kayaking race, currently in its 14th year. The race features teams of 2 paddlers competing a time trial down the class four rapids of the Lea River in northern Tasmania. Paddlers compete for the “Bull”, the iconic trophy associated with this race.

Unlike other similar races around the world, the race course features natural flows, which can vary significantly from year to year. That adds to the challenge and excitement of the race, with racers needing to know the river at varying flows, from very low to very high. The race has widespread awareness within the Australian paddling community and within the general outdoor community in Tasmania itself. We routinely have teams travelling from Melbourne, Sydney, far North Queensland and Western Australia. Over the years we have had a number of competitors from New Zealand, Europe and North America as well.

The Lea Extreme Race is run by Tasmanian Canoe Club, based in the North West of the state. The Lea is our home run and we are very excited to be able to continue to provide such an iconic event. We are continuing to work to make the race better than ever.  With lots of work done on tracks we have also made the race more accessible for members of the public than ever before.

Race Date: 23/09/2017


Early Bird Entry(Includes dinner/social ticket): $50

Early Bird Dinner/Social ticket:$20

Non AC member fees (Covers insurance): $10

Post race festivities

Presentations will be held at the Forth Canoe Club after the race. Following this, there will be spit roasted and barbequed meat, salads and vegetarian options for tea. Live Music from local Artists to serenade the socialites well into the night

Want to get in on the action?

Entries are open now!

2017 Lea Race Entry Form

Results from the 2016 Lea Extreme Race

18th – Amy and Anna 16:18

17th – Jono and Dave 15:56

16th – Chris and Stewart 13:27

15th – Alan and Jack 12:56

14th – Dave and Nick 12:53

13th – Trav and Butler 12:22

12th – Ben and Phil 11:59

11th – Shane and Ryan 11:52

10th – Cliff and Sam 11:38

9th – Jarman and Jake 11:35

8th – Jono and Leon 11:27

7th – Harry and Cripper 11:17

6th – Rowan and Tom 10:55

5th – Tom and Jake 10:49

4th – Richard and Andrew 10:40

3rd – Swarz and Roz 10:39

2nd – Kate and Alex 10:34


1st – Dan and Booga 9:40


Congratulations again to our place getters, and thanks to everyone who turned out. to make this a fantastic weekend!

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